About The Icing Room

The Icing Room is the first-ever specialty concept shop that offers Design-It-Yourself (DIY) cake decorative services.

This concept is created with you in mind. At The Icing Room, we make it simple for you. We provide you with a cream cake, all you need to do is go wild and decorate your very own cake on the spot. No need to buy ingredients, no need to get your hands dirty with baking and no need to wash up!

To make this DIY experience even more delightful, we offer a wide range of coloured piping bags, toppings and decorative themed icings.

DIY a cake for that special someone, and add your touch of love and well wishes. DIY was never this easy, because at The Icing Room, art is indeed a piece of cake! Bring your inner Bob-the-Builder or Michelangelo to The Icing Room and surprise yourself with your very own special cake creation.

The Icing Room Delivery

Introducing The Icing Room's cake delivery website where lovely desserts are just a click away. Simply log in and navigate your way through the easy step-by-step journey to sugary satisfaction!

Take your pick from the variety of cakes including our DIY cakes that come packed with icing topping and decorative candles and have it delivered on the same day to your doorstep. Treating your loved ones can only get easier!

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