The Icing Room is the first to offer Design-it-Yourself cake decoration. It's as easy as 1-2-3 to make your very own special cake!
Pick The Size Of Your Cake!
Sizes available:
4 inch (abt 10cm): $12.80
6 inch (abt 15cm): $21.80
8 inch (abt 20cm): $29.80

Icing decor and coloured piping bags provided.

Available in Vanilla flavour.
Start Crafting!
Start decoration your cake with the icing decor that comes with the kit.
Tip: Press the icing only when contact has been made with the cake surface.
Need more decorations?
We have all kinds of cute ready-made decorations for you to mix and match!
Final Touch-up!
Finish off your unique creation with a nice ribbon and gift card. Ask our friendly staff for assistance.